Winter's Last Tango

"Winter's Last Tango" 

Spring follows winter but not without one final tango. The softness of the freshly fallen snow sets a backdrop for the bare bones of the stand of poplar trees and inspired me to make a somewhat stark and ordinary view into something a little more ethereal. Using ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) I set a slow shutter speed of 0.4sec, a small aperture of f/22 and ISO 100. Handholding my camera, the shake created by holding it that amount of time makes for the interesting blur I was looking for. The cloudy day gave a monochromatic look with the cool colours.

The original SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) image below is what I saw that day in March last year. When it came to processing it, I flipped the image, and then started to see the tango happening.

What I loved about this image is the feeling of being to dance in the pure open air. The whiteness of the snow mixed with the cool purple-grey hues gives it a soft, serene feeling that would enhance any room in a minimalistic way.

What do you get to feel when you look at this image? I'd love to know, so drop me a line anytime!

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