The Eagles of Pidherny Ridge

"Light Seeker" Soaring high in the sky beyond the barren branches, this beautiful bald eagle caught the spotlight for a moment. I love photographing eagles, watching them, anticipating their next move, catching the light on their faces, avoiding the butt shots when I can.

This past winter and spring I was on location at Pidherny Ridge twenty-four times! It was a great winter for tromping through the snow with a long lens. I was rewarded with many, many images, so here is just three I wanted to show you today. They can be found in my Wildlife gallery too.

"The Onlooker" This adult bald eagle was perched high in the branches of the dead tree. I called it "The Onlooker" since that is what it was doing. Watching from a distance, not getting involved with the scene before it. Perhaps it had just landed before we arrived and was resting up from the cold winter day. Did you know the average life span of a bald eagle is 20 years, and the oldest confirmed one was 38 years old? This one is at least 5 years old with the white head being the tell-tole sign.  

"Vantage Point" This juvenile eagle was quite active in the warm spring air. Perched high on the treetop of a dying spruce, it surveyed its surroundings before quickly taking flight. The challenge here was not to blow out the sky while getting good detail in the bird. This juvenile is around 2 years old with a lighter shade of brown eyes, and golden brown crown. Juveniles are mottled and vary quite a lot so telling their age can sometimes be just a guess.

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