The Bears of Knight Inlet

Hey, what could be cooler than bears near water? We're in the middle of a heat wave here in central British Columbia right now, so it gives me time to stay indoors where it's cooler and I get to edit all my images from my trip in June.

Summer on Vancouver Island is a magical place for me because it has and ocean surrounding it. Living in the central interior of British Columbia I am surrounded by trees. So I really love to smell the salt air and watch the waves, and wildlife! Heaven! Having the chance to travel to Telegraph Cove with a friend and take a grizzly bear tour with Tide Rip Grizzly Tours was the highlight of my trip in June.

A cute little grizzly cub followed its momma along the shore of Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet, British Columbia on June 17th, 2022. She was digging up mussels and sauntering along when we arrived. The young cubs don't eat mussels until they get older according to our naturalist on board, but momma swallows them whole after having a good crunchy breakfast of them! Mostly they forage for the sedge grasses and eat the tips that have some protein. Grizzlies tend to lose weight until the end of June when they find berries and fish and more good things to eat.

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Thanks for following along with me and I hope you are enjoying what I am able to show you in my gallery. 

Until next time
~ Terrill