Sandcut Beach

"Sandcut Beach" 

Sandcut Beach is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. A wonderful play land for those who choose to do so. Whenever I see these little communities of rock people I can't help but smile and want to add to their family.

Speaking of family, my twin sister and her husband are the reason I get to wander on beaches like this. Since I live in central British Columbia, we have lakes to enjoy, but there is something that draws me to the ocean every time I visit my family in Sooke on the West Coast. Perhaps it is the many summers we spent on Melmerby Beach in Nova Scotia when we were young. But to me, the west coast beaches are very different than the east coast ones I remember. The rocks on the west coast beaches are smooth and round from the pounding waves and winter storms, and as you can see, they entice us to build these little rock statues when we feel like it. On the east coast, I remember we needed buckets to bring the salt water to the sand castles we built.

Just taking a few minutes or an afternoon to play on a beach somewhere can help us all to feel a little better and relax a bit. And we sure need it now more than ever.

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Until next time,

~ Terrill

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