Rough-legged Hawk

"Rough-legged Hawk"

It's snowing today but two days ago it was a brisk spring afternoon when I decided to take a drive east of Prince George to see what I could find. With the snow melting away in most parts, the browns and golds of the hay fields that were cut last fall are rampant now with rodents. So the Red-tailed hawks, Rough-legged hawks, Northern Harriers and coyotes are around!

This beautiful 3-year-old female Rough-legged Hawk didn't seem to mind me watching her from a distance. I sat in my car and waited until she decided to go for an afternoon snack. Eye on her target, she flew right past my window! She is such a beautiful bird, with her whites and golds and browns. Just like her surroundings, she blended in perfectly. Mother Nature knows her stuff!

In a few days two photographer friends are flying up here to stay for a few days. They live in Vancouver, and are hoping to see Aurora and wildlife, and just chill for a bit. Not a tall order that I feel at all compelled to deliver! HA! We'll see if we get clear skies. Perhaps we will be very busy and get no sleep and they will be glad to head home for some rest! Wish us luck!

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