Rhythm and Blues

"Rhythm and Blues" A Canvas print ready to hang in a beautiful Espresso frame. 


The Story behind the Image:

Quite a few years ago I was photographing swans in Vanderhoof, BC. It was snowing softly, and along this road came this group of riders.

I  stopped from photographing the swans in the field and watched them as they went by. We waved and smiled at each other. I listened to the clip, clop, clip, clop, and I turned and watched them go... clip, clop, clip, clop ...

And then I took the shot.

Because in my head I had already heard "Rhythm and Blues". And I could see this picture, in the blue tones, with the snow, even all the colours of their jackets, their blue toques and the blue snow up here in the north.

It took me quite a few years to actually get this print to look like this from the original shot. When I have an image that engages me, it takes time to do my photoshop work, (that's my artist's tools that I use), to get it to resemble what I saw in my head at the moment I took the shot.

So I think I'm going to hang this in my gallery and enjoy it for a while but if anyone is interested in buying it, I will let you buy one.

If you want more information contact me any time.

And if want to see a quick video of the unveiling of this canvas, you can click on my YouTube video here.

Until next time,

~ Terrill