Red Fox

Oh, what a great day on the river...two foxes basked in the sun, then woke up to go hunt. I followed this pretty red one with my camera as she headed along the river. The reflection was pure luck!

From my vantage point across the frozen river I watched  the two foxes sleeping in the midday sunshine for over an hour. I was sitting in plain view and when they awoke, the red one watched me, then started to walk towards me. I kept my camera aimed at her, and when she noticed I didn't have my hand out to feed her, she lost interest in me and headed along the riverbank. Behind her a flock of ducks didn't seem to mind her presence. I thought for sure she'd catch herself a nice fat duck for dinner, but she carried on up the enbankment into the trails. Shortly after, her mate, a cross fox with a white tip on his tail followed suit.

Later in the spring the fox kits will be born. Something to watch out for!

Until next time!