Ramblin' Girl Art Project

Rambling Girl

"Ramblin' Girl" - My 2023 (and beyond) Art Project

To get away from the everyday routines of life can be a challenge sometimes. There always seems to be something that must get done ahead of any creative venture. Making, or taking, the time to be creative is important to any artist and should be high up on the list of things to do.

New Year's resolutions have never worked for me, so this year there won't be any. No grand plan, just three new projects I have been contemplating for the last month or so. Or IS that a plan?

So if you want to follow along with my story this year, I invite you to do so. Here's the first project and I'd love to hear if I inspire you to do something creative with your life this year.

1969 Kids with bikes

My first bicycle was a girl's blue CCM rambler, earned by picking beer bottles along the side of the road one winter. That was back in '68 when I was nine years old and living in Nova Scotia. That bike represented freedom. When we moved to British Columbia when I I was 12, my bike came with us. As a teenager I parked my bike in favour of a 10-speed, but was fortunate enough to keep my first bike in a shed for decades.

She is getting a make-over and will be part of this year's creative adventures. Her frame has been sandblasted so she can be powder-coated a cream colour to match her new 26" rubber tires. The original rubber, well, let's say I wouldn't want to trust myself riding on those! She has a new retro brown leather-looking seat. The chrome parts need to be cleaned up a bit and she will be put back together and ready to ride!

Faded Memories

She was originally a beautiful blue colour but sometime during my teen years I took it upon myself to give her a make-over. Now she needs a complete rehaul!

I have decided on "Ramblin' Girl" for her name. At 55 years old, she is a little younger than me so it shouldn't be too hard for her to keep up with my antics. (I hope.) Right now she is in the shop being powder-coated and painted, so when I return home soon, I'll be putting her back together!

Do you keep a to-do list? Is it full of crossed off items that will fill your heart with gladness once accomplished? What artistic adventures will you plan that won't get pushed aside this year?

Until next time,