Nanook in the Lupines

Sometimes I just go out with my gear (with 6 lenses today) to see what I can make using them in the same setting. The lupines in the meadow are blooming and I spent over an hour wandering around, getting low, going wide, zooming in. Not many bees or butterflies, but when I was heading back to my car, this beautiful girl popped out at me! The above image was captured using my 100-400mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark IV (as are the rest using the same Canon body) and is uncropped. She was about 40 feet away from me and the gorgeous bokeh background is one of the reasons I love using this lens.

When I arrived, I tried a few different lenses as I moved about, and the images I liked are below. You'll see the last group is with my favourite 100-400mm. Or maybe it's because I put it on last and was too lazy to change it to something else again. 

Above, shot with the Rokinon 14mm lens that I usually only pull out when shooting the night sky, especially the Aurora. It has potential in the field during the day for some really interesting closeups so I will be taking it out a little more often now. It is such a wide angle that it was difficult to avoid the sun star effect, and a little lens flare happened in the lower left by the white lupine, but hey, I was just playing to see what I would get.

Next I grabbed my 40mm lens and shot the lupine from above. A little more interesting perspective.

And then using the trusty old 24-70mm lens (above) I was able to make what looks like a more normal, point and shoot, shot.

Using my favourite portrait lens, my 85mm, I was able to get these three in the frame at a close distance of approximately 8 feet. If I moved too close though, I couldn't focus, so I guess it's time to look for a macro lens.

Lastly, a collection of my favourite ones from the 100-400mm lens. I find this lens the most versatile in my arsenal and pack it most everywhere I go since I purchased it almost two years ago. For wildlife, I find it's adequate if they are not too far away.

All of these images are not cropped (yet), and a few may even make it into my gallery once they have been through a proper edit. I usually shoot and then crop later (if only slightly) to create a better image. I've learned though that I sometimes need to slow down more and get it right in the field, because I don't have a chance to get back and get the shot later. With the different lenses used here, I hope to demonstrate that you can get interesting photographs no matter what lens you have with you. The most important thing is to get out there and shoot!

Drop me a line anytime. I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time,

~ Terrill