My Ticket to Freedom

We had just been through a deep freeze of -25 to -30 degrees C this past week and I was itching to get outside and shoot some new images for my current project. Heading down River Road to my favourite park I didn't notice my speed creeping up to 71 KPH in a 50 KPH. Nor did I see the CN Police car until his flashing lights made me pull over when it was safe to do so. But he was a friendly officer, and let me off with the lowest fine possible and a little chat about whether I was going to photograph the ducks in the river. I told him I was hoping to trek out to Goat Island for a different perspective of the two bridges on the Fraser.


By the time I parked the car and grabbed my gear, I was feeling pretty annoyed that I had cost myself $138! As I set foot on the path, I spotted Chuck, and instantly my gloomly outlook vanished. It's not often I run into him, and he is usually with his lovely wife but this time he was on his daily jaunt alone with his camera. Having known Chuck for over 40 years, and having an interest in photography in common, we walked about the park for over two hours, talking and laughing, and meeting others who were enjoying the outdoors as much as we were.


My initial goal to photograph from Goat Island didn't happen because the warmer weather made for rising waters, and the frozen ice had rushing streams breaking through so there went my chance to trek over to the island. So my project idea hasn't come to fruition yet, and the only good photo I captured was of this old bridge.


But the walk with Chuck was worth the price of the ticket!


Until next time,