The Story Behind the Image: She's a pretty little vixen, a red fox, going about her business. She blends well into her environment in the late afternoon sun. Captured in Prince George, BC city limits on June 11th at 7:40 PM just as we were starting to lose the gorgeous light behind the log pile. It was supper time for her and her two siblings I saw poking around the logs and grasses nearby. Red foxes thrive throughout most of British Columbia. They prefer hunting around the edges of forests, near marshes, on farmland, prairies, beaches, woodlands and alpine and arctic tundra.
While I am photographing one fox, another appears. I am sure they are siblings from a litter born in the same area last year. If they were a couple, then I most likely would see some fox kits around, but every time I visit, there is no sign of any
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