Lady Aurora Dances in the Sky

Aurora Borealis by Terrill Bodner"Wearing Her Best Green Dress"

Last week I presented "Dancing with Lady Aurora - How to Capure the Northern Lights" to members of Professional Photographers of Canada via Zoom meeting. Needless to say I was quite nervous as it was the first time I have presented a program to my peers. Once we got into the zoom and started chatting together, I was among old friends. We had some great questions asked, and I think I inspired those who attended to get out there too! 

Slideshow of Aurora by Terrill Bodner

Above is a video of Aurora as she danced on March 13-14, 2022 just north of Prince George, BC. 

It is quite magical to stand under the stars and wait for her to arrive. And when she does, the feeling is overwhelming and sometimes hard to put into words. Awe, joy, beauty, quiet, come to mind. For my presentation I used some words I have on my website -

"What I am trying to say through my photography is we live in a beautiful world. Let's take care of it. Let's do our part and enjoy what we have and leave it in better shape for our children and grandchildren.

There is beauty in the everyday things, in the natural world around us, in being honest and vulnerable and in the feeling of being so small in our galaxy. What I am trying to say is we'd all be a little better off if we let our guard down every so often and lifted our hearts to the heavens and appreciated just this very moment we are standing in.

Truth lives in light, not in darkness. I am a seeker of light. ~ Terrill"

The image above, "A Million Stars Up Above" was entered into Professional Photographers of Canada's 2023 National Image competition and was Accepted!

It took me months to prepare the presentation and cull through old files for good aurora images to add to it. I found over 60 images dating back to 2015 when I first started chasing auroras. I'm working on adding some more to my Auroras gallery now.

If you see something you love but not a particular size or meda, reach out and ask as I may be able to accommodate the request. Here is my client Jon who aked me for the largest acrylic mount of "Aurora - Goddess of the Dawn" that I could make. He is holding a 41" x 23" acrylic mount print! 

The aurora has been quite active this year, and I hope to get out under cloudless skies often. Follow me on Facebook where I post some of my adventures if you are interested.

Until next time,