Kissing Cousins

"Kissing Cousins"

Thank you to everyone who submitted their entry and a title or two for this image. There were so many interesting titles submitted, and a common thread was the diversity of colour in these little fox kits. A sign of the times that we are more aware of colour, and to me that's a good thing! So our winner for this print giveaway is...

Brenda K from Manitoba! Congratulations!

Brenda has been contacted and is excited to hear the news that she has won the 8x12 print! 

Every spring brings a new crop of baby wildlife to seek out and enjoy. When spring is in the air these little fur balls climb out of their log home to play. Not more than six or eight weeks old, they are left alone while their parents hunt for them. They very well could be cousins, as three grown foxes have been spotted around the same den at times.

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Until next time!