Getting My Sanity Back

My title may sound a little strange, as I was not insane and now sane, but what I mean to convey is that every once in a while I need to commune with nature more deeply than a brisk walk in the park. This week I had the opportunity to hike to Mystic Beach with my family on what turned out to be a stellar autumn day. The images below reflect a quick glimpse of what I enjoyed as I meandered along the trail to the beach. 

Above is a collection of images gathered along the trail to Mystic Beach on Vancouver Island. I was pleasantly surprised to find the little heart-shaped leaf hovering under the protection of the two fern leaves. They are not the same plant, but it didn't matter to the 'parents' that their 'child' may be different. The nurturer in me loved this sentiment. I intend to work on this image to add to my gallery very soon.

We made it to the beach to enjoy a walk along the shore in the late afternoon. One of these days I hope to capture the waterfall when it is running full down the cliff but as it is still summer, dogs playing in water, and family shots were my focus. I brought along a few neutral density filters to makie the water look soft and I will continue to work at that technique in future visits.

I hope you also get a chance to take time this fall to enjoy your surroundings.

Until next time,