Dragonfly Heaven

"Dragonfly Heaven"

Playing in the field on a bright fall day brings back so many childhood memories. Just the crisp smell of drying grasses makes me want to flop down on my back and watch the clouds go by. And when I stayed still long enough the dragonflies would leave their hiding spots in the grasses and buzz around the field. I thought dragonflies lived near ponds and stagnant water, but there wasn't a pond around this place. So I was happy to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fall day, and watch the dragonflies.

On this day I was playing with In Camera Movement (ICM) techniques because the slight wind made the grasses sway so lovely. Camera was hand held with 1/10 sec exposure with a very small aperture of f/16, ISO 100. The dragonflies were abundant in this field, and when I processed the image at home I thought the little bends of grass here and there could be dragonflies, so that's how the title came to be about them!

Here's another image from the same day called "Autumn Beauty"

Both of these images would look fabulous printed on a metal panel. (Click on the images to see pricing and options available.) The vibrancy of the grasses and the glorious golds of fall would stand out in a room full of earthy or natural colours. What's your favourite thing about the changes seasons from summer to fall? Drop me a line and let me know. Perhaps I have captured something to remind us of such a beautiful world we live in. We could all use more reminders, I'm sure! But for now, I hope you enjoyed a little part of heaven that surrounds me.

As always, I am here if you need any help finding artwork to suit your home or office.

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