Decisions, Decisions

I've been buying gift cards this year. Made me think, why am I not offering them for my artwork? So, if you're looking to surprise someone with a beautiful print but don't know what to get, you can let them decide! (Any print, not just the ones shown here!) 

For photographic artwork suggestions, look at my Gift Guide or contact me directly and I can help you with some ideas that could work. 

Now that Black Friday madness is over, and the gift-giving days are getting nearer, I am feeling a little more relaxed and trying to enjoy the moments we can spend with those in our very small bubble. Wintertime can be hard sometimes, but my best way to feel happy is to go for a brisk jaunt outside. With my camera most days. It gives me time to reflect on those not as fortunate to be able to get outside. It inspires me to seek the beauty out there to share with those stuck inside for whatever reasons.

"Early in the Morning" is my most recent sale from a lady from Edmonton. That's a city that can appreciate a northern climate like mine here in Prince George! And I'm counting the days until the Aurora apps show me a clear night and lots of aurora activity so I can get ouut again and enjoy my addition to nature. I will be adding more to mhy Aurora Series so stay tuned!

Until next time, stay safe and be kind.