CN Train Bridge No 4

"CN Train Bridge No 4" was captured on April 15, 2011 at 6:29 am when heading to Banff for my first photography convention with two other photographers. We didn't make it out of the city before we pulled over and hopped out of the car, scrambling to get our gear and capture the early morning beauty before us. 

Sometimes the story just jumps right out at you, and sometimes it's hidden and you have to dig a little deeper to find some meaning. When I saw this scene unfold in the early morning, I just knew I needed to capture it. This was the very bridge that my father drove us, our family, across for the first time when we moved to Prince George in 1972. Now, this bridge is over 100 years old and still standing. Prince George's Grand Trunk Pacific Railway bridge is the longest railway bridge in British Columbia at half a mile long.

I often wonder just how many lives were changed by crossing this bridge. The haunting beauty of the mist, so soft, playing around the steel structure still gives me goosebumps and brings back childhood memories and the uncertainty of moving to a new place. 

On that April day, an eight hour drive turned into twelve. Good thing we started early! This image won Best in Class - Pictoral/Scenic - PPOC-BC Northern Branch - Oct 2011 and was originally titled "Morning on the Fraser River." This image is going into my March giveaway, so watch for details coming soon!

Until next time,