CN Train Bridge No 11

"CN Train Bridge No 11"  

This over a century old bridge is an iconic landmark in my hometown of Prince George, British Columbia. It has been photographed many, many times but it still is fun to try to capture a different angle. The days are always different, and the seasons change, so no two images are alike. 

To make this image, I ventured into the park after the flooding receded so that I could try out some ND filters to get some long exposures. I really loved how the effect created on the water turned out and the clouds in the sky reflecting softly in the water. I'm sure I will be drawn back to this river, or some form of flowing water again and again, to practice my techniques to create something new to enjoy.

This image is available in luster or metallic paper, canvas, acrylic or metal prints from 16x9 to 32x18. Browse the Landscape Gallery for more bridge images.

Until next time,

~ Terrill

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