CN Train Bridge at Sunrise

"CN Train Bridge at Sunrise" An early winter morning at Cottonwood Island Park in Prince George, BC. The long exposure was captured on January 8, 2021 at 8:19 AM. Not a soul was around and how peaceful it felt to wander along the riverbed looking for just the right spot to get a reflection before sunrise peaked. What I love about sunrises is the anticipation of whether it will be bright and beautiful, or wane into grey too quickly. On this day I was not disappointed as I enjoyed shooting from 7:54 to 8:26 (a full half hour) before the spectacular display bowed out for the breaking day.

It was only -6 C with no wind. The river was really low and flowing quickly over the frozen rock and under the ice. As I wandered closer to the bridge, I decided to change from my 14mm to 40mm lens. Then I settled in to watch the show! 

Here's a short video Behind the Scenes of the morning on the river. 

Do you enjoy getting out with your camera early in the morning? If so, where's your favourite spot in the world? I think you know one of mine now!

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~ Terrill