Botanical Beach

When travelling about on Vancouver Island, I look for what speaks to me. The sea stack intrigued me to use a wide angle lens to capture the expansive view. Earth, air, fire and water, all four elements exist right here.

When the tide is out, tidepools abound with little tiny creatures that are trapped for the duration until lthe tide rolls in again. Imaging being one of those little travellers, never knowing where you will be taken to next. 

Having always been interested in rocks and geology, spending time along the coastline makes me happy. These rocks were formed over millions of years, and much of the rock that is Vancouver Island originated near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. Some of these rocks were formed by undersea lava deposits and the terrain in this beach is evidence of that. 

Time to take a breath and slow down and enjoy the view. That's what I did. I plan to go back to Juan de Fuca Provincial Park soon.

When are you planning your next trip to a favourite location?

Until next time,