Aurora-Goddess of the Dawn

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I have some exciting news! I am finally able to announce that this image, "Aurora-Goddess of the Dawn" was Accepted into the 2020 PPOC National Image Salon! This image also won Best in Class - Pictorial / Floral in the 2019 PPOC-BC Image Competition and received Merit in November 2019, but because the National Competition didn't take place until last week, I didn't want to show it publicly until that event was over.

I've been chasing Auroras for a few years now. This image was captured on one of the most active mornings in August 2019 when my friend  and I drove 45 minutes north of Prince George to catch the show. We arrived after 10 PM because summer nights don't get dark as early when we are in the northern hemisphere. And dawn comes early around 4 AM, but we managed to get enough cards full of images to take home in 5 hours! 

Auroras happen when charged particles ejected from the sun are drawn to Earth's magenetic poles in the north and south. There they collide with neutral particles in the upper atmosphere and create splashes of colour and light in the sky. Like stars, they are there during the daytime too, we just can't see them.

The early morning was the best time. The aurora would ebb and flow about every twenty minutes. I'd be checking my apps to see when the next predicted flare would happen, and it was always pretty accurate.

On an earlier trip in July to the same location, I took a friend along who willingly donned a gown over her outerwear and boots to help me create something different. We played with lightpainting her in the gown as she stood on the bridge while the aurora came and went. We didn't think we'd get much of a show, but It's hard to describe the excitement when you turn around in the darkness to look up at the stars and see a beautiful plume rise above the aurora! This purplish glow is a new phenomenon know as S.T.E.V.E (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement).

I captured this image with my friend posed on the bridge, and later created Supernal Powers as a fine art print. The ribbons flowing from her hands were added for the story but the spike was real! This image also was Accepted into the PPOC 2020 National Image Salon, and received Merit in the PPOC-BC Image Salon in November 2019.

Are you an Aurora Chaser? Or do you appreciate the night sky in all it's glory? Prints available now. These two look fabulous as metallic paper prints or acrylic prints!

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