Anxiously Awaiting Auroras

It's here! Aurora season has begun in the northern hemisphere and I'm anxiously awaiting an opportunity to get out and capture the Lady Aurora as she dances in the early dawn light.

This image, "Supernal Powers" is a creation from a night I was out with a photographer friend, Judy Wiebe of WillowBee Photo Art. Captured on an early September 1st, 2019 morning (1:59AM) north of Prince George, BC. I had taken three gowns with me on a whim because her two young daughters were going to come with us, but they didn't at the last minute. But Judy was up for it, and threw on the largest gown over her warm clothes and boots, and then we played on the bridge for an hour or so. It took me a while to decide to make this one a composite image by adding the sky to the lower corner to hide the structure of the bridge. The ribbons of light were the result of light painting efforts.

"Supernal Powers" is a Fine Art photograph expressing the immense power of the universe, if we only let it into our lives. Be open to it and it will be yours. This image was Accepted into the PPOC National Image Salon. This image received a Merit score in 2019 PPOC-BC Image Salon.

This print is available in several media types and sizes. To shop online, click here.

Thank you to my many friends, peers, and clients who have encouraged me over the years. A little piece of each of you goes into the making of my photographs. These images are no exception.

In order to chase Auroras, I rely on a few websites and apps. If you're interested, drop me a line and I will be happy to share them with you.

Until next time,

~ Terrill