An Exceptional Year of Creativity

It seems that this year has really, I mean, really flown by!

From starting out in January, adding Kendall to my (now our) website to going into our first art show in November at Studio 2880, I have constantly been creating something. Did I ever tell you I have thousands, yes, thousands, of waxwing photos? I do! But I still enjoy the thrill of capturing one in camera every winter when they arrive to clean off the berries of my Mountain Ash trees. Just this morning as I soaked in the hot tub, I watched ten separate flocks of them pass overhead in search of fresh berries.

As I was trying to relax in the hot tub, my brain was spinning ideas for how I could show a few gifts at the pop-up event I would be in this Saturday. And thinking about my next year's project too. I'm not going to give that away just yet, because I have learned over the years, that if you tell too many people about your next great idea for whatever you are dreaming up, it fizzles out and doesn't get done. That's the truth!

This year has been a wonderful year I must admit. I've been fortunate to be able to travel with my husband, and with friends. From a trip with a photographer friend to Jasper in springtime (still snow!) in March for exploring the ice canyon, to a memorable trip to Knight Inlet in June where I photographed grizzly bears, to taking two photographer friends on a wildlife and aurora hunting experience right where I live! I've watched five little fox kits and their momma grow and leave their den, seen white-sided dolphins race along side us, found rough-legged hawks, bohemian waxwings, trumpeter swans, coyotes, moose, elk, bear, herons, caribou, and even barred owls!

I've always loved animals, and although I don't have a dog, I will be dog-sitting the end of this year. For two weeks in Sooke! Then next year another two weeks, another dog in Sooke. Hmmm, I wonder if I'll get any work done then? So there will be a month of 2023 shot, haha, get it? Actually I am looking forward to these two solitary stints away to work on my new project. As soon as it is ready to be unfolded, you will be the first to know!

Until next time,


ps. If you have a favourite book on Creativity, can you let me know the title and author? The one I've been reading all year "More Than a Rock" by Guy Tal (in photo above) is simply intriquing to me but I need a new one by the end of December to take on my trip.