All That Remains


"All That Remains" 

Heading east from Jasper, there is a small pond with some dead trees that remain standing in the water. I found the idea of having to spend the rest of their lives standing in water saddened me. Perhaps it was because these were once beautiful trees, growing tall and spreading their leaves every fall, opening their arms to winter snow and warm summer breezes. They had a life once.

To my mind's eye, I envisioned them withstanding the tests of time through all seasons. I wanted to create an image as a fine art piece, because capturing them just as they stood didn't seem to be what they were whispering to me. So using the Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) technique I was able to handhold my camera and with settings of 1.3 second, f/22 and 100 ISO it gave just enough motion to portray my feelings of seeing the trees waving goodbye. And now, this is all that remains.

What does this image say to you? Let me know by replying in the comments or sending me a message. I'd love to hear what you think.

Until Next Time,

~ Terrill